Our Own Potatis Korv

A Traditional Scandinavian Holiday Favorite

Of our delicious potato sausage (or potatis korv as it’s called in Sweden), we know this: No one ever had a better recipe than our late grandmother “Mor Mor” (which means “mother’s mother” in the old country- as little kids we just called her “Moo-Moo”, and the nickname stuck).

Moo Moo

Our late beloved Grandmother "Mor Mor"-
always the giving one.

In a nutshell, the story goes like this: back in the mid 1980’s, grandson Scott got a recipe for potato sausage from an old butcher acquaintance and thought it would be a good idea to make some to sell at our original Ken’s Market store on Queen Anne. The customers really seemed to like it, and it became a big seller. At the time, we only offered it around the holidays so the recipe card would always be put in some random location during the long off season, and it was always a bit of a scavenger hunt trying to find it the next holiday season. Of course, it was ultimately lost somewhere along the line. But lo and behold, one day when Scott was explaining to Moo-Moo how he'd lost the recipe, she said simply “Oh, well I’ve got a recipe for potatis korv”(as she always called it), and so, we were back in business. But the best part of the story is, Moo-Moo’s recipe rocked! It had the salt, pepper, and allspice but it also had one thing the original recipe didn’t: ginger. Now, people often tell us it’s their favorite sausage. Try some for the holidays, or any old time… we think you’ll just love it! And thanks to our beloved Moo-Moo - you are forever missed!

Our recommended cooking method:

  1. Bring about 1-1/2" of water to a boil (high heat) in fry pan large enough so that sausages won't be overly crowded - "give 'em room"
  2. Place sausages in water and bring water back to boil- usually takes just a couple minutes or so.
  3. Reduce the burner heat to medium and simmer the sausages about 10-12 minutes or so (just a real "easy boil", not a full rolling boil). You're just trying to cook the sausages through here- please don't over cook as you'll boil all the juices away!
  4. Drain off water and brown sausage in a little cooking oil, margarine, or better yet, butter. Another option at this point is to finish on the grill... some nice, pronounced grill marks and smoke from the grill is a good thing, if you're so inclined.
  5. Serve promptly!


Making potato sausage

Making Potato Sausage
The potatis korv was made right in our deli for many years, but we outgrew our space!

Making Potato Sausage
Even Mike Holmgren loves our Potatis Korv (potato sausage)! Go Hawks!