Marketime Produce

Marketime has a long-standing reputation for its outstanding produce department. Although our space is limited, we work hard to provide an excellent variety of fresh and firm fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of bright colors. We stock your typical favorites (grapes, bananas, broccoli, etc.), plus whatever seasonal and unique items are available to round out our complete produce selection. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, please ask, we can probably get it for you!


Marketime has an increasing selection of organic produce. We also like to feature locally grown produce whenever we can in our continuous effort to support more and more local growers.

We are proud of our freshly made in-house stir-fry veggie mix and other semi-prepared items. We take some of the hassle out of cooking at home. You should also try our great selection of fresh cut fruit in handy take out portions. Wouldn't that make part of a healthy lunch? (hint: for a glorious lunch, combine fresh cut fruit with something mouth-watering from our Marketime Deli)

Be sure to check out our bi-weekly produce specials (PDF).