Marketime Bakery

From your first steps inside our door at Marketime you’ll encounter fresh baked goodies from some of Seattle’s best and most popular bakeries and even specialties from our very own chefs. Be sure to check at our espresso bar for our latest in-house-baked pastries. Also, at our coffee bar we offer genuine New York style bagels from Bagel Oasis and Seattle Bagel Bakery, both delivered fresh 7 days a week.

Then on down the aisle are donuts and pastries from Hot-Hot donuts, Pink’s Original Bakery and Schwartz Brothers.

Next you’ll find artisan breads from Essential Baking Co. and french bread from Ala Francaise. In our sliced bread section we have all the usual Oroweat and Franz breads plus a complete selection of Dave’s Killer Bread, Brenner Brother’s Rye Breads and Bread Garden loaves.

And as you approach the check-out, you’re probably ready for a little dessert. We’ve got you covered with a variety of pies and cakes (both whole and single slices), chunky brownies and bars, big chewy cookies from Cougar Mountain… and more.

Remember carbs are an important part of a balanced diet. At least, that's what we tell ourselves as we devour a delectable danish with a cup of hot, fresh coffee.

Marketime Bread