Ken's Market Meat & Seafood


Our goal is to provide restaurant quality meats that are sustainably and humanely raised, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. You’ll find a great selection, expert preparation, and service beyond what you’d expect.

  • Painted Hills Natural Beef from Oregon.
    USDA Choice. We feel it is consistently the most flavorful beef you can buy. For more info, check out their web site.
  • Delicious Ground Beef
    Ground in-house daily, we pride ourselves on wholesome, flavorful hamburger meat that’s ground using trimmings from our own meat cutting operation. We also offer our own ground pork, unseasoned or in bulk sausage form with one of three delicious seasonings. Ground free range turkey, ground chicken, and ground lamb are also available.
  • Locally Grown Chicken from Draper Valley Farms.
    We also offer an excellent selection of free-range chicken as well as organic. All of our chicken is raised without the use of antibiotics.
  • Excellent selection of midwest grown, all-natural pork.
  • We also carry a few lamb cuts, perfect for your Sunday dinner.
  • Our Famous Potato Sausage
    Made from an authentic old family recipe.

Need something special? That’s what we’re here for! Whether you only need one pork chop, or ½ lb. of ground beef, or a special cut of some kind… just ask and we’ll get you what you need and get you on your way with a minimum of hassle!


Our motto is: freshness is everything! In offering a great selection of fresh, and frozen seafood, you can count on us for seafood that tastes great.

We have a special penchant for wild salmon. Whether it’s the first of the season Copper River salmon, or a fall run local Coho, we use all of the relationships we’ve built over the last quarter century to source the “best of season” to offer in our fresh case. During the off season, we purvey only the best wild salmon that was caught, processed, and frozen during the peak of the run.

Other items you can expect to find in our seafood section are fresh wild pacific rockfish, wild Oregon shrimpmeat, fresh Dungeness crabmeat, fresh clams, prawns, scallops, and more!